Well Worth It

I have heard all of those heart-warming stories about teachers receiving thank-you notes from former students, and the overwhelming happiness it brought them; yet I could never truly comprehend what kind of happiness that was. But today I received an e-mail from a student who was in my mythology class last semester, and now I understand what kind of happiness it is to know you have touched someone 's life. I go through my day teaching, wondering if I am making a difference, or even doing my job well, and to get an e-mail like this, makes my job fulfilling and worth it.
The e-mail is below:Filename: j0300255.wmf Keywords: academics, apples, books ... File Size: 9 KB

I'm not going to lie I miss you and your class :( ALOT. I think I almost cried the other day...not that my new teachers are bad or anything, they're really nice but myth was just my favorite class ever. So I thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed it and thank you for teaching it. It's not just me either; Bradley, Ali, Melissa, Lucus and I alllll miss it. And I hope to keep in touch after I graduate.

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  1. That is the kindest, cutest, email! What an honor to recieve that validation. Way to go Mrs. Pellegrin :)


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