3 Years

Today marks Nathan and my 3 year anniversary. While we have been married for 1 year, we have been together for 3. Since we forgot to eat the top layer of our wedding cake on our wedding anniversary, we decided we would eat it today. Surprisingly, it was still pretty tasty, no freezer burn. Three years, don't they go by in a blink.

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  1. Wow THREE years! Colton saw your pictures and said, "Is that the guy who got bit by the bug?" I wonder how long he'll hold onto that one. As I type this he is telling me "Maybe Uncle Nathan was on a campsite and he was by a tree and a spider came down and bit him. Is that a good bug bite situation?" Too funny :)

  2. aww...look at you guys you are soo cute! you look as good as ever girlfriend. m-m-m! cool. i hope i can be as good looking and happy as you when I'M 24 (25? i donno oops). your wedding was so much fun! and really pretty. brenna asked me to ask you advice on the aesthetics of her wedding, the bridesmaid dresses, the accessories, etc. she's like ask mel cuz "she's pro at that stuff". awww i would so go back to your wedding day in a blink...and i would not limp like i was. aha. i actually had the limp happen in my leg around this same time this year, but i understand how to work it out (now that i know about ht emuscles in that area) anyway, fun fun stuf, you and your newly wed life. :) i love you!


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