A few days ago Nathan had what he thought was a bug bite on his head above his ear, so he popped it. The next day the whole side of his face began to swell up. It was really bazaar. Luckily, Nathan decided to go to the doctor today to get it checked out. The swelling hadn't gone down and he was feeling a lot of pressure. He went in today after work around 5:45. When I hadn't heard from him for a while I began to grow concerned. Around 8:00 I tried calling him but he didn't answer. He text messaged me back, "Be home on an hour getting IV can't talk." At this point I grew concerned. Why in the world would he need an IV for an infected bug bite? A little more than an hour later Nathan came home with his whole head bandaged as well as his forearm. Turns out he contracted a Staph Infection! The doctors pumped him full of antibiotics to kill the infection and to prevent it from getting into his blood stream. I am so glad he went to the doctor because Staph Infections are known to get serious if not treated. He is going back tomorrow for two more IV sessions. Here is a picture of the sick boy.