A Healthy Alternative

With the summer coming, I am sure many people are concerned with having one highly important necessity. I am not talking about a new bathing suit, or a fabulous vacation destination. I am talking about the tan. Lately, I have been missing the golden tan I had on my wedding day, yet I have to admit I had a "fake tan," and I went to the tanning salon for six months before my wedding--not healthy. But I am here to share with you a safe alternative to achieving a golden tan. I found this item online and decided to try it out, and it works! After two applications I already an developing a rich tan. Highly recommended!

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  1. Hmm, I'm intrigued. Where do you find this miracle tan in a can? Summer and I have been mystic tanning but my sessions will soon run out.

  2. I currently use jergen's natural glow...I'm assuming this works faster and stuff. Is it expensive?

  3. ha ha ha. well i'm not suprised. melody and the tan. don't worry i am totally missing my tan, or at least i was before the sun finally started to come out here in provo and my life is happy again :) i love the sun.


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