Le Soleil

Today Serena and I went and laid out by my pool. It was nice to relax in the warm summer sun for the first time this year. It was relaxing despite this lady who thought I was mad dogging her, when really I was only squinting and looking at Serena. She was laying kinda right behind Serena, so I can see why she might have thought I was looking at her. She kept saying "What's she looking at?" and "What, she's just gonna look at me and not do anything about it?" It was wired, and I was a little scared for my safety for a second. I think she was pretty waisted and it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. Anyway, I survived and just ignored her. But back to Serena and me, we chit-chatted and caught up and looked at fashion and tabloid magazines and got a sunburn!