Nothing Special

There isn't anything special about this post. I am just waiting for Nathan to get home from his softball game and then we are going out to dinner, our normal Friday night routine. We always attempt to see a movie after dinner, but by the time we are finished, all the early showings have started and we would be forced to wait until the 10:30 showings-- no thank you. So, we end the night going to Whole Foods to buy yogurts for lunches for the coming week. That is all we buy at Whole Foods--yogurt. We are kind of intimidated by everything else, we always say we will eventually move up and buy more from there, but after walking the isles, we still only leave with yogurt and a few samples of cheese (they give you free samples). After shopping we come home and crash on the couch and watch some TV. This is our exciting Friday night!

Me waiting for Nathan's return

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  1. that's funny. Whole Foods is intimidating! Sean calls it "Whole Paycheck" because it's so expensive. I like the simple friday nights of married life :)

  2. I love those kinds of Friday nights. Just being able to hang out together is nice isn't it? I love to do nothing. It's the best.


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