How Sad

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I planted a few herbs a few months ago. Well, I patiently waited for them to sprout, and I incessantly checked them and watered them waited for them to grow. Finally, my basil and thyme started growing and at a nice and steady rate too. Then, today I discovered the saddest thing. I went out to the porch to water my little sprouts and, to my horror, all the leaves, all but 4 little ones, were eaten off of my basil plant, and my lone sprig of thyme was gone. I was so sad. I diligently waited for the little suckers to grow and then some animal comes along and eats them! So much for nothing.

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  1. I guess a little creature was diligently watching them too ;)

  2. Try the Basil again. Buy the already started plant at Home Depot, put some screening around it. Fresh Basil with pasta and Olive Oil is delicious!
    Love, MOM


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