Sew Cute

Here are a few things I have made lately. The white skirt I actually made from scratch with no pattern. I was looking through a tabloid magazine and saw Lauren Conrad from "The Hills" wearing this cute white skirt, and said to myself, " I can make that." So I did, but I added my own twist. I put belt loops on the skirt so I can wear it belted. It is cute, it is semi-high waited too. It is very light and fresh. It is hard to see, but the denim skirt has front pockets and belt loops. I made that yesterday in a few hours and wore it to class last night, and the best part is, it only cost me about $3.00 to make! The brown top is a button front tunic that I wear belted with leggings. The yellow top I wear with either leggings or jeans. This summer I am all about light, airy and breathable!People might wonder why don't I just buy these things and use my time for something else, well my response to that is there is something fulfilling about making something from scratch and then putting it to use. I would make everything from scratch if I could. I would weave baskets if I knew how. Also, I always have to be doing something productive, so if I am going to sit and watch TV I might as well sew something while I do it. Plus, I love fashion and putting my own style and touch into the things I make, makes them special and original.