Brown Bag Deal

Real quick, here is a funny story about the BBQ Nathan bought yesterday. We went to OSH to look at theirs and we saw this one on sale. It was $50 off it's original price, which was really good. Unfortunately, the only one left was the floor model, but Nathan was able to talk them into selling us the floor model. The funny thing was, OSH was also having this brown bag deal, where you can get 15% off of anything you can fit in the bag. Well, when the sales clerk came by to ask if we needed help Nathan says to the guy as a joke, "I tried to fit the BBQ in the bag, but it wouldn't fit..." I think the guy was bitter about working on the 4th or something because he didn't laugh, but he ended up giving Nathan the 15% off anyway! So, not only was it $50 off, but it was 15% off as well. What a killer steal! Nathan knows how to get the good deals!!!

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  1. Nice fancy shiny grill. Way to go Nathan...Now if he could only do that for me for the dining room table I want to buy ;)


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