A Series of Unfortunate Events

Everything in nature wanted to keep me from catching my original flight to Texas yesterday. I originally had a flight leaving LAX at 4:20, and Nathan and I planned to leave as soon as we both got off work around 12:30. Yet, a series of unfortunate events began to transpire.

First, Nathan and I both were delayed at work, therefore not getting off when we planned, about 20 minutes late. Next, when Nathan was driving home from work he realized we had a flat tire; therefore we needed to stop at a tire place to have it quickly patched up, another 15 minute delay. We then needed to cash our Stimulus Check issue by the government and the bank was pretty busy—another 10 minute delay. Before hoping on the freeway we stopped to get gas, and this gas station was crazy busy, and cars seemed to be taking forever to fill up. We nearly waited longer to get gas than to get our tire fixed.

Finally, much later than anticipated, we were on the freeway. Traffic was fine until we hit the normal 405 traffic heading into West Los Angeles, and we figured it wound soon pass. But, as we continued to drive the traffic was getting heavier and heavier until we were in bumper to bumper traffic. Nathan finally checked the traffic station only to find out there was a serious motorcycle accident right where we were headed. Nathan knew there was no way we would make it if we continued to sit in that mess. He quickly (as quickly as the traffic would allow) butted his way across the five lane highway and exited on Santa Monica.

Since Nathan is Thomas Guide, and knows the streets of LA instinctively, he knew he could get me there using side streets. Yet, to our frustration all the side streets were jam packed as well. Nathan even resorted to the winding residential neighborhood, in hope of getting me there on time. Yet, we watched the clock slowly tick away until we knew for sure I wouldn’t get there in time to check my bag. I called the airline to find out when the next flight out would be and he told me an 11:30 flight to Chicago, where I would have a five hour layover or something and then arrive in Texas at 10:00 the next day. WHAT! I was not doing that!

Just as I completed my call we arrived at the airport 10 minutes too late. I jumped out and asked if they could late check my bag, but they couldn’t, and I wasn’t flying without my bag. Nathan parked the car and ran in to see what happened. By this point I was pretty worked up, I had no idea what to do. We went to the “Missed Flight” line to see what my options were. I was so happy to hear the flight technician say she could get me on the next flight to Dallas leaving at 5:30. “YES YES YES” I said. Thankfully, I made it. But like I said, I was not supposed to be on that original flight for some reason unknown to me.

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  2. I hate days like that. I have had that happen quite a few times. One time my entire family (40 some odd people) missed a flight to Maui for Christmas. It was a nightmare. I'm glad you got there though!

  3. Your experience sounded stressful! I think my blood pressure increased while I was reading it. But glad you made it okay!


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