I Am From

This is an assignment I am giving to my 10th grades. It is a poem that makes you think about your life and where you come from. I thought I should do it. Here it is.

“I Am From” by Melody Pellegrin

I am from my mom’s curly hair, and from my dad’s strong, fast legs.
I am from the park across the street, where I stayed out until dark shooting hoops, and from the sage infused hills where my dad taught me how to run lightly on my knees.
I am from a “terrific” father always urged me to “show that smile,” and from a mother who wisely urged, “do what is best for you.”
I am from Paul Mitchell’s Skinny Hair straightening serum, and from the T3 Blow-dryer, without which, my hair would never look as good.
I am from the diamond rings I wear that are a symbol of the love and commitment I promised to another person for all time on a rainy day in January of 2007, and from my many pairs of boots, high heeled, sandaled, flat, and fancy shoes.
I am from buffet style dinners at my grandparents in Big Bear full of turkey and gravy, and hand-mashed potatoes, and from Sunday afternoon grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.
I am from singing along with my oldest sister as she played our favorite songs on the piano, and from laughing until I cried with her on the bathroom floor with her handmade scarf in hand.
I am from Sarah McLauchan’s song “Angel,” which I never get tired of singing, and from the sandy beach where my husband proposed with Michael BublĂ©’s song “Home” playing in the distance.
Here is a slideshow that depicts the years of my life, where I have been and where I have arrived.

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  1. can i just say how gorgeous you are! Your wedding day picts are amazing!!! i am so happy you are doing so well!! i love checking in on you from time to time! i love your family!!! tell them all hi for me please!!! love you! WHITNEY

  2. What a neat poem! Your class sounds fun!


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