My Brother's Baby Boy

Last night I finally got to meet my nephew Austin Kade Blair . My brother Aaron and his wife Nickell are in town on business and they stopped by for dinner. Kade was so soft and so sweet , and such a good baby. He didn't cry the whole night. I love him!

How uncomfortable do I look in this picture?

Just me and Kade.

My brother and his son.

Me with the parents.

With my big brother and my little nephew.

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  1. Oh he is adorable! Isn't it fun to be an aunt?? I still haven't posted that post you tagged me for. But I will get to it soon...hopefully. Good luck for this upcoming school year!

  2. How fun! He is so cute. I love being an aunt, it is the best. I bet you guys just had the best time. When do you think you'll have a little babe?


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