Busy Busy Bee

The beginning of the school year went really smoothly. I had my first unit planned out, and it was nice to get off work by 3:00. But, that unit has ended, and I am going to be moving into short stories with my 10th graders. The unfortunate thing is I didn't teach 10th grade last year, so it is all new reading and lesson planning. 10th grade has been a little challenging (nothing I can't handle) but the kids are full of energy, so they tire me out!

Not only am I getting busy at work, but I am going to school as well, and the work load is starting to pile up. I am in a credential program and so you would think that the teacher would know a lot of us are working while attending school and, therefore, be more sympathetic--but no.

I haven't even had time to watch many of my shows, and if I do I watch them it's off the DVR right before bed, or on the weekends. My flowers are even dying because I can't seem to even find time to water them. Nor do I have time to get the mail.

Something that is wonderful about work is that I am still teaching 12 grade mythology, and I love that class. This is my third time teaching it becasue it is a semester long class, so have that class down pat, so it requires very little preperation!

I will end this ironic email, becasue as I complain about my lack of time, I am taking time to complain about it. I am just glad it is the weekend.

(Don't get me wrong. I love my job; it would just be nice to have a little more free time you know?)

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  1. My favorite saying at times like this is "this too shall pass". Your hard work will pay off! Love you! MOM

  2. Girl, I feel ya! I have been SO crazy busy with all new classes this year! Last year I moved to Hawaii to be with my boyfriend. I taught 12th grade English and AP Literature there. I thought I'd stay forever, but my boyfriend and I both got job offers back in Seattle area. We moved home... and now I'm teaching German! It's definitely crazy teaching a new subject, let alone in another language! I know that, like your mom said, though, this too shall pass! Thank goodness for that, right?

    P.S. What are you going to school to get credentialed in?


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