My Birthday Gift

This year I wasn't sure what I wanted for my birthday, but the other day Nathan and I were shopping, and I found this beautiful houndstooth belted peacoat, and I knew that was what I wanted for my birthday. The problem was it was très cher (French for very expensive). I showed the coat to Nathan, and he agreed that it was a nice coat. He said I could get it for my birthday, but that would be all I would get this year; either it was a few things for the same price, or just the coat. I decided on just the coat since I have been wanting a classic, classy coat for a long while. Now when I travel to say San Fracsisco this winter, or maybe London (someday) I will have a fabulous coat to keep me warm.

Just the coat.

Coat open.

Up close on the fabric.

Coat Belted.