Yakis, Masks, and Ghoulies

Last night Nathan and I went on another adventure. Nathan has always talked about this place in Burbank called "Yakis." He finally took me there last night. It is this total whole-in-the-wall place on the corner of a major intersection. The only seating is in these stools that surround the building, or in the little tables you see behind me. They have this famous Yako Burger which is a hamburger patty and a chicken breast in one sandwitch. Nathan ordered it, and it actually isn't bad. They have good chiken rice bowls too; that is what I got. After dinner Nathan drove over the hill into Hollywood and we went to Amoeba Records and then to this huge Halloween store on Hollywood Blvd. We then came home and watched some corny horror movie called "Ghoulies" until we fell asleep.

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  1. I think that's awesome that you guys go on fun adventures to explore where you live! I want to do more of that too. :)

  2. So fun. I wouldn't think that beef and chicken would go well together in the same bite but sometimes combinations like that end up being fantastic!

  3. How fun. I love doing things that are different and out of the ordinary! And by the way I LOVE the jacket you made! So cute!


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