Fourth and Fourth

I wasn't tagged, but I saw this tag on someone's blog and decided to do it. I am up earlier than I expected on a Saturday morning, so I will kill some time before I go out to breakfast with my friend. Here is how the tag works. You go to the fourth file in your picture and pick the fourth picture in that file, and then describe it. This is the picture I landed on:
Nathan and I were together for about about 5 months when I went on vacation with my family to the East Coast. We visited family in Pennsylvania, visited New York, and Atlantic/Ocean City, New Jersey. While on vacation I had tons of fun seeing historic sites in Philadelphia, such as the Liberty Bell, and we laid on the beach in Ocean City, and shopped the Boardwalk. It was a blast. But while on vacation, and I made calls home to Nathan, I realized how much I needed him in my life. When I got home to California I was anxious to see him. We went on a date the night after I got back. This picture is of us before we left. Although we both loved each other, it would be another 3 months before either of us built up the courage to say it.

Oh, and I don't tag anyone because people I tag never do it :(. So, if you like the tag take it.

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  1. I think that last comment was directed at me because I never do what I'm tagged to do. I would do this because it's simple and fun, BUT I have already blogged about the picture I would have to use, so instead just refer back to the blog about Colton's little lizard friend :)


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