Thanksgiving and the Kick off of Christmas

This Thanksgiving weekend has been full of wonderful festivities thus far, and it is only Saturday morning. The fun stared Wednesday night when Nathan and I went out to a nice dinner with Spencer and Amanda. We went to our favorite place, South Point. I forgot my camera that night :(. After dinner we went to see "Four Christmases." The movie was okay, but it was nice to see a Christmas movie to kick off the holiday season. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, Nathan and I relaxed at home during the day, and then for dinner we went over to his mothers for our feast. His mother makes wonderful stuffing. I look forward to it every year. We hung out there for a while. I brought Delilah, and everyone thought she was so cute. She was shy at first and then she opened up and started playing with Nathan's moms Shi Tzus.

Saturday we slept in but once we were up we got ready to do some shopping. For those of you who know Santa Clarita, we went over to the Old Navy/ Wal Mart shopping center; we started at Michael's Craft store, where we bought the start of our Christmas Village, then from there he hit most of the shops as we made our way down to Wal Mart.

(These are our Christmas village houses. The one in the forefront is the house from the movie "Christmas Story")

Last night was Thanksgiving with my family at my Grandparents house. We brought Delilah to that and all of my family was in love with her. We had another delicious feast and hung out and shared stories.

(Our little family)

(With my Grandma)

(All the cousins that could make it)

(With Brandon. Love his face.)

Today we plan on going to lunch and seeing a movie, and tonight going to dinner in L.A. somewhere with Spencer and Amanda if she doesn't have to work.

I love the Holidays!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you guys had a busy Thanksgiving holiday. I'm glad you guys had so much fun with family and friends. :)

  2. I love Christmas villages! I cannot wait for Christmas!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you guys had a great holiday! And I love your background for your blog. Cute!


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