What a Weekend

Nathan and I moved this weekend into a new apartment. We stayed in the same building because we like the location, but we downsized a little because we wanted to save more money over the next year. S0, we gave up our garage and moved to the second floor. The apartment is a little smaller; it is cozy. I will post pictures once it is all put together; right now we still have a lot of organizing to do.

It all began on Friday, Halloween Nathan took the day off from work to begin packing (we didn't do much during the week so Nathan packed up a bunch on Friday) and I went to work dressed as Marilyn Monroe. When I got home from work there was still plenty of work for me to do. Nathan and I didn't do much on Halloween night all me did was pack. Finally, later that night we went out to dinner at Wood Ranch. Afterward, we went over and visited with Nathan's mom.

Saturday we woke up to pouring rain. Saturday was full of thunder, lightening and rain--the perfect weather for moving day. Nathan had enlisted a few friends with trucks to help us out. So, in between the bouts of pouring rain we moved things as quicly as possible. Once when we though the coast was clear, we loaed up the matress and drove it over to the new apartment. Then, boom, the rain poured down unreletlessly. The matress got soaked through. We put fans on it, and luckily it was dry in a few hours.

All in all, the move went pretty smoothly. Everything was moved in by 1 o'clock. Afterward, it was up to Nathan and I to organize and unpack. That is what we did for the rest of the day and well into the evening. Once we were at a place where we could stop, we went out to dinner at Denny's and rented a few DVDs because the cable was not hooked up yet. That night we watched "What Happens in Vegas," which was better than we expected.

Sunday we had to go back to our old apartment and clean, and we also had to bring some stuff back to Nathan's mom's for storage. The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent organizing and unpacking. That night we had our usual dinner with friends. Nathan grilled up some Carne Asada and chicken for burrittos.

I took today (Monday) off of work so I could continue cleaning, and I am so glad I did. Our cable was hooked up today. I did laundy, ran errends, and cleaned. Then, once things were kinda set (it seems endless) I had to lesson plan for the week. I am starting a new unit on Lord of the Flies, and I had nothing done for it. I am seriously going to be winging this! On top of that I have a few school assignments due Wednesday that I have yet to get to! Fun! One thing at a time.

Thank you to everyone who helpd us this weekend.

This blog is my attempt to unload and relax.

Me as Marilyn

Our empty place

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  1. You look so beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Man, it sounds like you guys had a crazy busy weekend. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!

  2. As I have told you before-you are beautiful. No many people have perfect features like you. If you had the blonde hair you would have been a twin.

  3. We moved from arizona about a year ago. SLC hired Brandon when he got out of the military. I know it's hard to keep track of us all! HA HA


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