What's in a Name?

When Nathan and I first got Delilah and we were trying to decide on a name it was between Daphne and Delilah. At first we went with Daphne, but on the second day Delilah kept coming back to me and it sounded right, so on the second day we renamed her Delilah. As I continued to think about the name, the more perfect it became for her. There are two reasons why her name is fitting. In the Bible, Delilah was a temptress and tempted Samson to cut his hair, and my baby Delilah is a temptress who convinced me to take her home. Then the other day I realized a second reason why Delilah is a perfect name. Again, Delilah from the Bible convinced Samson to cut his hair off, and as you may know if you keep up on my blog that I got Delilah from a hair salon, where people cut their hair. So fitting. The funny thing is, Nathan picked the name Delilah and at the time he wasn't thinking of any significance, but the name has total significance. She was meant to be!

P.S. I am sorry everything has been all about Delilah lately; she is just so dang cute I can't help it.

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  1. She is too cute! I don't blame you for wanting to talk about her!


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