Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Thursday night we went down to The Grove, an outdoor shopping mall, which is located directly next to the Farmers Market. It was so wintry outside, so cold, I was able to wear my birthday coat. The Grove is decked out with Christmas decoration which include, a huge Christmas Tree, a flying Santa and reindeer, Santa's house where the kiddies can sit on his knee, and fake snow that come down every once in a while. We stopped and got hot chocolate to warm up as we enjoyed window shopping, and the Christmacy feel in the air.

We are next to Santa's house.

This tree was huge!

A very pretty water show takes place behind me where the water dances gracfully to Christmas Carols.

Our hot chocolate (our 7-11 hot chocolate was so much better, who knew?)

Amanda and Spencer came along, our partners in crime

I thought what she did here was funny

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  1. That honestly looks like a beautiful place to shop! What a gorgeous tree and the water display looks pretty as well. I'm glad that you guys have a good couple friend to hang out with!


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