Celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary

Nathan and I celebrated out 2 year anniversary yesterday with a romantic evening at the theater. On Sunday night, Nathan mysteriously told me that he planned something for our anniversary. I was surprised because we both agreed we would not do anything major for the anniversary for the sake of saving money. He asked if I wanted to know what it was, and after a few failed guesses, he said he bought us tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera. Okay, those who know Nathan know this was not a gesture done to satisfy any of his own needs, but it was all done out of the thoughtfulness of his heart for my happiness. Back in December, advertisements started coming on about how Phantom would be returning to LA, and he must have been listening when I expressed how I loved the play, because he bought the tickets back in December. He kept it a secret all along, which I think is so cute.

Before the play, we enjoyed a dinner at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant and then walked down Vine to Pantages Theater, and even though it was my 3rd time seeing the play, I enjoyed it all the same.

Together at Dinner

Me in the Theater

Together at the Theater

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  1. THAT is very considerate and sweet. You guys looked fabulous!!

  2. What a sweet gift! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful anniversary. You looked gorgeous in all of the pictures!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE your dress! You look so pretty! And what a great way to celebrate! Doesn't the time go by fast??

  4. You both look great. Did you make your dress?

  5. What a good husband to buy you those tickets. You both look great. I love your dress. Hope you guys are doing good. Just wanted to say hi and congrats on your 2 year marriage :)

  6. hey funny story: that dress, i tried on when summer and i were looking for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding over christmas break. we took a picture of it too. just ironic!


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