Happy Birthday Baby

This past week Nathan celebrated his 32nd birthday. It was on the 22nd which was Thursday night. Unfortunately, I started class that night so we just waited until Friday to go out. I told Nathan that the dinner location was his choice since it was his birthday. He decided on Bob's Big Boy, which we love. Well, before we left for Burbank, Nathan decided to buy himself a laptop since he is doing an online Bachelor program, and he is always stealing my laptop. After Best Buy, we needed to get gas. We stopped at the Shell Station. Well, right across the street was Denny's. Since Nathan was anxious to go home and play with his new toy, he decided to just go to Denny's for dinner. Since it was his birthday dinner I didn't argue. So, we had a classy dinner and Denny's for his birthday. Happy birthday baby!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Dustin would have wanted to go home too if he just got a new laptop. Dennys has a great "moon over my hammy."

  2. Tell Nathan he looks very handsome.


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