Oh, the Joys of Having Puppies

Yesterday, when I came home from work, I was so mad at what I saw. Delilah had torn up a corner of our area rug, on top that that, she had shredded a piece of paper into tiny pieces--So frustrating! We have had Delilah for 3 months now and she has never done anything like this.
Despite the frustration, my puppies make me so happy. Little Sarah Bear (I don't know why, but I kinda just started calling Sarah, Sarah Bear. I guess when we first got her, I thought she looked like a bear) is growing fast and she has the cutest little bark, and when they play they make this weird moaning like sound. Take a look at the video:

Little One (that's what Nathan calls Sarah) can pretty much sleep anywhere. She will conk out whenever, wherever--she is so funny.

Although puppies are a lot of work, they are so worth having. I love my babies.

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  1. It's cute to watch them play. Sarah holds her own.

  2. this is good practice for when you have kids!!! you think puppies are naughty and gross with he pooping on the floor, peeing and ripping up furniture..
    you should see what my kids have done.. pooping? yes!! peeing.. definately! ripping mommys favorite magazines!... of course! The furniture... only a couple years old and already falling apart!
    If you think about it, puppies might be easier.. i am jealous!

  3. My dog (who is NOT a puppy) does that same thing sometimes in the middle of the night with the toilet paper or garbage in the bathroom! I hate cleaning it up! We always try to remember to leave the door closed so it stays clean. Glad you're enjoying them despite the mess!


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