Going for a Dip

Last night Nathan and I, along with Amanda and Spencer, went to another Los Angeles landmark-- a restaurant named Cole's: the originator of the French Dip. It is located in Historic L.A. A few months ago we went to another french dip place called Philippe's and these to restaurants are in competition with one another. While Nathan and Spencer liked Philippe's better, Amanda and I preferred Cole's.

The ambiance was much like being in New York or Chicago or something; even so, when you looked out the windows all you saw were tall antiquated buildings. It felt like a place where Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra would have hung out.

Spencer and Amanda looking very Parisian.

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  1. That sounds like a great restaurant! I know I'd love something like that... the setting and ambience you describe sound wonderful :)

  2. Wow, we were raised on Phillipe's. We would go there for lunch before going to USC football games since it's right by the colliseum. That's cool that you got to go!

  3. I love french dip sandwiches did the have a good aus jus dip?

  4. I wish I had the time to go to all these fun restaurants! But you always give me good ideas of where to go when the time comes. Also, I'm the same way with dinner. I never know what to cook. BTW, where we are listed it shows the last time I updated was last month, which is totally wrong. I have many updates, I don't know what the deal is. Just wanted you to know.

  5. Mike teaches at Fullbright elementary and Wilber elementary. They are both out in the valley! He teaches PE.


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