Sweet Surprises

After a long day of battling 10th graders, I found this text message from Nathan on my phone:

I just wanted 2 tell you I love you and that you are the best wife even though you don't know what 2 cook.

I thought it was so sweet...and funny. Let me explain the second part. I never know what to cook. Every night it is the same routine, Nathan asking me what we want to do for dinner and me relying "I don't know." And after looking in the freeze, looking in the fridge, looking in the cupboard, then back to the freeze, fridge, cupboard, and then repeat, I replay again with "I don't know what to do for dinner."

So I thank Nathan for his patience with my inadequacy with cooking dinner.

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  1. You need to SIT DOWN and PLAN out your week of dinners. This way you can shop in the beginning of the week for all the stuff you need and you wont stress that night because you have already worked it out. It can be really easy dishes that you both like.

  2. First of all, that text message is super sweet!

    Secondly: I agree that planning out dinners is the best way to go! If you need help with recipes, I'd honestly check out blogs. I subscribe to a few cooking blogs that are AMAZING to help me think of meals to make. Usually I end up making some variation of meals I find. Just an idea!

    (Here are some blogs I find good foods on: pickypalate.com, crockpot365.blogspot.com, Dinner Tonight, Bakerella (for sweets!), My Sweet and Saucy, The Pioneer Woman Cooks!, Fun Foods on a Budget)

  3. ahh, that's fantastic! I can totally see you in frustration opening and closing all those things, and doing your sighing thing. At least you can make pretzels :)


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