Weathering the Storm

This weekend I have the privilege of having a four day weekend, so Nathan took today off so we could have some fun. Despite the rain, we went down the the Getty Museum; a place I always enjoy. We invited Amanda and Spencer to come along with us. After the Getty we wanted to go try a new French Dip restaurant but, due to the rain, the traffic was so bad we decided to go to our "go to" place Bob's Big Boy.

The Getty had a new exhibit displaying a lot of artifacts and art imported from France. Everything was very frou-frou and extravagant. Take this bed for example...ri-dic-u-lous...look at the white feathers! Everything was pastel colored and highly rococo (look it up).

I loved seeing the art work that depicted the Greek and Roman mythologies.

Here is Jupiter (Zeus) seducing Europa in the the form of a beautiful white bull.

Here is Venus (Aphrodite) in Vulcan's forge pleading with Mars (Ares) to protect her son Aeneus after the Trojan War. I love teaching this stuff!

It was windy up there.

Waiting for the tram.

Spencer and Amanda Poppins.

Amanda trying not to blow away.

Look! Bob's behind us!

All matchy-matchy

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  1. I love that French blue though.
    p.s. Your hair is getting long.

  2. Looks like a fun day! In all the times I've been to California, I've never been to that museum! Maybe I'll have to hit it up next time :)

  3. Sounds like a fun "cultural" day. It's nice that Nathan likes to go to museaums ( did not spell that correct). Amanda looks very happy and pretty.


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