Gogi Goodness

In between our busy schedules with school and work, Nathan and I try find a balance and still go out. About a month ago we went to this new restaurant out here called Gogi House which is a Korean Grill. The interesting thing about this place is you cook your own food on a little grill in the center of the table. The waitress brings out your marinated meat of your choice on plate, tongs with all your sides, and you cook up your food (this is actually pretty authentic to many resaurants in Korea). When we went there the fisrt time, we thought it would be a good place to go with friends, so last night we invited Spencer and Amanda out with us. Afterward, we went to Target where we bought candy for the movie we caught later that night.

Nathan grilling up the Bulgogi and Kalbi beef

They put scissors on the table to cut the meat if the pieces are too big. While the rest of us got knives to cut our cooked meat, Amanda insisted on using the scissors to cut her's :)

Our date night buddies

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  1. Looks like a fun night! Once again... I think it's great you guys have such great friends to have adventures with! :)


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