Because He Proposed 3 Years Ago

People say they want to be surprised by their engagement ring, and while this is romantic I love that I was able to be involved in the process of mine. Before I got engaged, I really had no idea what type of ring I wanted. Everything was pretty to me--sometimes I wanted a marquise diamond, other times I wanted the princess cut. Then, in my senior year of college, there was this girl who always sat in the row next time mine and a few seats up, and she had a round diamond. Every class I watched it sparkle as she raised her hand; it was dazzling. I finally decided I wanted a brilliant round. As it grew closer to when I knew Nathan would buy a ring, I began looking for pictures of what I wanted. I had a picture in my head of my ring, but the design was surprisingly hard to come across. I began searching magazines and online, and finally found my ring on a website (right: picture from website), but we were on a budget. We went to the Jewelry District in L.A. looking for deals, we found exactly what I wanted, but the price was still a little steep. After L.A., I waited to hear what Nathan thought was best. Eventually, Nathan came across a resource. One of his friends mom's ex-boyfriend was a jewelry designer and was willing to work with Nathan. Nathan met with the guy, showed him pictures of what I wanted, and told him what his budget was.

Nathan was there through the whole creation of my ring--from the time is was just scattered diamonds, to a mold, to metal, to gold, to white gold, to my engagement ring and wedding band. As the process progressed I received emails of simulated pictures of the ring which was so exciting for me to see how it was all coming together(see pictures above and right).

I love that I got exactly what I dreamed of. I love to think of all the effort Nathan put into this ring to get me just what I wanted. And I love that my ring is truly MY ring in that it was created and designed just for me. I still look down with admiration and love of my ring to this day.

April 1st is the anniversary of the day Nathan asked me to be his wife.

Here is a link to the blog I wrote last year about Nathan's proposal:

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  1. you DO have a gorgeous ring. It's fancy and dazzling...just like you.

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing it. So romantic!

  3. You write so well. It is great to hear the real life experiences my kids write of. I save them on my computer, print them out and put them in a notebook. I too love that my ring was a special design. I had an interested experience recently regarding my ring which i hope to write about on my blog soon.
    Love you, MOM

  4. That is really neat, Melody, that you and Nathan both were such an important part of the creation of your ring. That makes it so much more meaningful!


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