Puppy Pictures

Last weekend I bought a new camera, and I have been playing with it since then, but the most interesting things in my life are my puppies. So, here are some pictures of Delilah and Sarah from the week.

Delilah posing for the camera. She truly is our little princess. She is the Queen Bee.

Kisses for Sarah

Sarah, so grown up. She looks like a Chihuahua now. I tell her she is "the cutest Chihuahua there ever was."

Sarah tends to hang out with Nathan, while Delilah hangs with me. Nathan says he never thought he would own a Chihuahua, but he love little Sarah so much.

Can you believe they are playing here! The look like they are going to rip each others face off!

Sarah pooped out

Me with my little baby

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  1. for such a pretty dog, Delilah has one scary, fierce face!!

  2. Your little puppies are sp cute!

  3. So cute!! Caden loves your puppies, he wanted to watch the video of them like 5 times a couple weeks ago!! So cute!

  4. Oh Melody, your puppies are so cute!!! She is so big now.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  5. Wow... they seriously do look like they're going to rip each other's faces off! Crazy that it's their way of playing.


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