Doggie Dreamin'

Last month Sarah and Delilah tore up their bed. Ultimately, I wasn't too stressed about it; they had outgrown it anyways. When I went to the pet store to buy them another one, I did not like the prices, nor where any of them very cute. So I decided to make them a doggie bed. I made this from scratch. I picked out this cute dotted fleece fabric and and a cream fleece for a contrast. It was super easy and required no sewing. I made it in one evening. Sarah and Delilah love it. They started playing on it right away. Actually, while I was still doing the ties, Delilah came over and laid on the fabirc--she was so excited she couldn't wait. The bed is super fluffy and soft. I am just hoping they don't tear this one to shreads!

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  1. that is so sheek and creative. but it looks like D doesn't want to share.

  2. Great idea! I need a dog to make one for!

  3. How cute and cheerful it is. You should put it on your Lap of Luxury Blog.


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