Fighting Frustration

I have been really busy lately finishing up the last semester of my credential. Many nights I get frustrated as my load of work seems to continue to pile up instead of lessen. The other night I was feeling really stressed; Nathan had gone off to bed, but I needed to finish the assignment I was working on. Finally I finished, but I still was feeling frustrated, and I needed to lock the dogs in the kitchen for the night. This is usually a painless task, but outside some teen kids were laughing and making a bunch of racket which, in effect, riled my dogs. As I called them they refused to come and instead wanted to hide under the couch. I called and called, trying not to get too loud as I knew Nathan was trying to sleep. Finally, in a fit of frustration, I gave up, dropped the doggie-gate on the floor and went to take a shower, Maybe when I got out the dogs would listen. Little did I know, while in the shower a little elf (Nathan), who had heard my frustration, came out and locked the dogs up for me. It was simple little act of kindness, but it spoke volumns. When I went into the bedroom Nathan was lying in bed, I thanked him for the help, but he only smirked and said, "I don't know what you are talking about" :)...silly boy. But, it was sweet of him to come to my rescue in a time of need. All my frustration was cured, and I was able to sleep peacefully that night.