Clifton's, Shopping, Ice Cream & More

Yesterday Nathan and I, along with Spencer and Amanda, went downtown to Clifton's Cafeteria. It had been a year since we went there the first time. Amanda couldn't go with us last year so this time she was able to experience it. We like it because it has so much Los Angeles history. After lunch we walked around the Fashion District and down Sante Alley where Amanda and I bought some cute jewelry each piece just costing us $1.

After walking around LA we came back up to Santa Clarita and went to the DQ in the mall for some ice cream. We then walked down to the theater to see if any movies were playing, and since there wasn't we just sat down for a while in the little court and talked.

After some time of people watching we went into Borders and read magazines. We ended the night back at our apartment where we hung out and talked for a little bit longer.

To see a picture of Nathan and me one year ago at Clifton's Cafeteria click here