Bathing Beauties

Sarah and Delilah have been soaking up the summer sun lately. In the mornings, when we let them out of the kitchen (where they sleep at night), we open the door to the patio. We are trying to train them to pee outside on their pee pads so we keep this door open often. Well, in the morning the sun hits our patio, and Sarah and Delilah will go out there and sunbathe.

(Sorry you have to see their yucky pee pads)
Seeing it as it is the summertime and it is HOT, I cannot leave the patio door open all day, so when I want to close it and run the air conditioning, I have to lock the girlies up so they wont relieve themselves on the carpet. Fortunately, they are actually enjoying their crate! This is such a huge deal because when I first tried putting them in it when they were younger they hated it. I was able to train them to like it, and as you can see from the pictures below, they will voluntarily go in there.

Here is a little video of Sarah amusing herself. She LOVES her toys and wants to play nonstop. She will try to shove her nose into that, which is actually their little sweater, and she snorts. She cracks me up!

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  1. So cute!! They are my kind of dogs since laying out is the best! Oh and by the way I love your new fonts. So fun and cute!

  2. They are cute. Do they each have their own cage? They probably like having there own room!


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