Nathan and I went to Ventura Beach today. It was so nice. We took Delilah and Sarah.It was their first beach trip, and they did really well. They were on sensory overload at first, but they calmed down once they got used to everything. It was overcast but warm. I wore my new itsy bitsy teenie weenie (but not too teenie weenie) light blue polka dot bikini. It was a really nice day. It was nice to get out of the hot valley and escape to the beach, and the drive to Ventura is so pleasant.

This picture cracks me up because if you look closely you can see her mouth all covered in sand and she looks miserable

It was so sweet how Sarah fell asleep right under Nathan

I gave myself a self photo shoot to amuse myself. These are some pictures.

They were pooped at the end of the day

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  1. I like the picture with you smiling big, resting your chin on your arm.

    BTW--why do you look so dang smokin at the beach? I always look that a word?

  2. How fun! We are planning to go to the beach this week. Your doggies are so cute. And your blog looks adorable!

  3. looks like u guys had a great time! cute family!!!!


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