Chili Dogs To Go

Last night we went to our first baseball game of the summer. Spencer and Amanda came too. It was the Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics. We sat in the Pavilion a.k.a Mexico. Nathan calls it this because a lot of the Mexican Dodgers fans sit here. I like sitting in the Pavilion because the people get crazy! They boo at those dressed in the opposing team's uniforms, they hit around beach balls while trying to keep them away from security, and they start the wave.

Chef Nathan had a great idea; since Dodger Dogs are pretty expensive, and none of use really like the taste of them anyway, he bought some "Nathan's Hotdogs" from the store as well as buns and chili. We boiled up the dogs, warmed up the chili, grated up some cheese, cut up some foil and made our own chili dogs to go. We ate them once we got to the game, and they were g-oo-ood. While wrapped in the foil, all of the cheese melted and the bun was steamed from the heat so it was nice and yummy. The game was good too. I was also able to hit the beach ball twice :).

Oh, a kinda wired thing happened. There was an older gentleman a few rows in front of us, who noticed my glasses and complemented me on them. Then, later on in the night, during the 7th inning stretch, he asked if he could take a picture of me. It was flattering, but weird. Nathan noticed that he was taking pictures of a few other people was well so at least it wasn't just me.

Oh, and some guy proposed to his girlfriend, and everyone saw it on the big screen. She looked so embarrassed and after a LONG time she finally said yes, but she looked kinda hesitant...kinda weird...

Nathan looks so thrilled to be taking a picture
My attempt at a self portrait
Me and Amanda
Spencer and Amanda

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  1. Tell Amanda she looks great! Funny how the two of you hang out so much.

  2. Nathan should make extras and sell them to the people around you. hehehe.


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