Farmers to Bluegrass

Yesterday, we all knew we wanted to do something, and a few things were on our mind. We were thinking of getting lunch in LA and then seeing the documentary Food, Inc., but once we got to LA we weren't sure where to eat. Finally, we decided on Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles but once we drove by and saw a line out the door, we decided to go somewhere else. A few other ideas crossed our mind like Phillipes or Tito's Tacos, but since we were so close to The Grove we decided to do something we had been wanting to for a while. The Farmer's Market is at The Grove and a lot of vendors have shops where they sell all sorts of food. It was a little overwhelming because there were so many shops, and we had no idea where to start, plus on top of the normal crowd there were a lot of tourists as well. We decided on a little deli where I got a croissant turkey and Swiss sandwich and Nathan a pastrami French dip with fries. Afterward we got a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. This was the messiest ice cream I had ever eaten in my life! It was melting quicker than I could eat it; therefore, it dripped all over me (as you can see, in the picture of Amanda and me, there is a big spot on my yellow t-shirt--that's thanks to the ice cream). I would have given up on the cone and just thrown it out if it didn't cost Nathan $4 bucks!!! Afterward, we drove across town to the theater that was showing Food, Inc., but we arrived 15 minutes too late. We ended up back to our apartment and hung out for a while. Eventually, we were hungry for dinner, so we went to Vincenzo's Pizza where, unbeknown to us, a bluegrass band was playing live music. We were surprisingly entertained by the good 'ol music. So we had a good 'ol day.

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  1. i thought this post was going to be about me! :D

  2. Nathan looks really buff, has he been working out? Handsome he is!!

  3. Yes, nathan does look buff. "Check out the Guns ovahere"


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