So Sweet

This semester my period 3, 10th grade class was a tough class. I had a lot of unruly boys who, often times, caused me great frustration, and after time this became evident to the other students. Today I had the final for this class, and I was counting down the minutes until I could say goodbye to my 3rd period. Now, not all my students were rowdy, in fact this class was quit bipolar because I had some real angels. After I happily said goodbye to this class, one of these angels stayed behind and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! He said he got them because he felt bad about the class was so bad. How sweet is that?!

Last week a boy from my 5th period, 10th grade class randomly asked me if I was allergic to any flowers. Then on Monday he asked me what my favorite flower is and what color I liked. Now I am thinking he is going to bring my flowers or something. Come Tuesday, the day of his final and no flowers. I jokingly asked him, "Where are my flowers?" Not that I expected them, but it seemed as if he was going to get me some. He said "Oh, Martin (the boy in my period 3 class) is bringing them." Today when Martin came to class I didn't see any flowers--no big deal. But, he had put them in his basketball bag to hide them. So, even though I kind of expected flowers it was still a huge surprise!

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  1. Beautiful bouquet!! His mother taught him well! I think the boys loved coming to class and seeing there beautiful teacher.

  2. Wow... that is so sweet! Sometimes as a teacher you need little things like that to validate you.


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