Lovin' My Hair

I got my hair done today :) Nothing like being pampered at the Salon. While I was there, I played wedding planner. My sister Summer, who is getting married on the 24th, wants my stylist Kathy Iglesias, at Concerto Salon & Spa, to do her hair, but she hadn't made an appointment yet. I, having been a bride before, know of the importance of booking appointments early, so I called Summer and woke her from her Hawaiian slumber (she is in Hawaii until her wedding), and I made her book the hair and makeup appointments, because who knows when she would have done it...can I just say I love my stylist. She does just what I want each time I go. I always have some celebrity inspiration going into the salon, and this time it was Heidi Klum in her recent Victoria's Secret "The Perfect One: Bra" commercial (just the cut--not the color)...I LOVE it, it is bouncy and fun!