Wedding Week: Saturday

Saturday we all went to the beach. We went to Leo Carrillo. It was kind of a nightmare getting there, but once we were there it was really nice. The waves were HUGE!Seriously, the biggest waves I have ever seen. After the beach Brandon cooked a yummy dinner for us, and that night Summer and Darrell came over to open their wedding gifts before flying out for Hawaii the next day. Enjoy the pictures below. They speak for the trip. And don't forget, if you want to see the pictures enlarged, click on them :)

Stay tuned for my blog about Summer's wedding day!

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  1. What a fun day it was.
    Brandon's dinner was a delicious way to end the day.

  2. I should be your professional beach picture taker. It was fun sitting in the back of the car with Sarah. She insisted on staying on my lap.

    P.S. The next time I go to the beach I'm wearing earings like you :)


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