Wedding Week: Wednesday

Wednesday the family went to Disneyland. Everyone was there except Heather, my Dad and Nathan. Despite the heat, we had a lot of fun. I loved seeing my nephews excited and having a blast. We got there early and left late; we took full advantage of the day. It was pretty crowded, but we worked it. Darrell downloaded a Disneyland application on his iphone which displayed how long each line was, so we knew exactly when to go on rides, and we used the Fast Passes. We didn't wait in any line for more than 15 minutes!

So, I went on Splash Mountain for the first time in years, and I sat in the front, and I got SOAKED!!! I am not exaggerating! I was soaked bangs got all frizzed out so Summer had to restyle my hair for me. At least I was nice and cool for a little while. We had a lot of fun.