Fair Games

It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but Nathan and I went to the

Ventura County Fair

the night school started. I already didn't sleep well the previous night because I was anxious for the start of school, and then I stayed up late again the following night, but we had a fun time.

We met up with some friends as well as my brother Brandon. It was so funny, when we were driving around trying to find parking, Nathan looked over and saw my cousin Steven walking into the fair with this girlfriend Alex. It was such a conscience that he was there the same night as us, so we were able to hang out with him too.

When we first got there, we ate

junkie carnival food,

a corn dog, and then we went to watch

Good Charlotte

play. They were pretty good. I knew a few of their songs. We didn't go on many rides; we mostly just watched people go on them, hung out and socialized, but it was cool. We did go on this Zombie Freak Show ride, but it was lame.

I ended the night with a yummy caramel apple.

Nathan won these little stuffed animals for Sarah and Delilah by playing darts. Sarah loves them!

Brandon getting off a twisty ride

Sarah guarding her gift from Daddy

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  1. Brandon is hilarious.

    I love the look Sarah is giving as she guards.

  2. haha! thats so funny! Brandons so fun to be around!


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