A Place to Call My Own

School (work) started yesterday.

My third year teaching.

As the school year approached, I noticed a definite difference in how I felt. Previous years, I felt very anxious, nervous and unprepared, yet this year there was a

sense of peace and calmness.

This year will be different. One of the major differences is, I finally have my own classroom. The past two years I was a "traveling teacher," so I would go into other teacher's rooms and use it while they had their prep. period. It was severely inconvenient for everyone. I am so privileged to have a great classroom with a great location and view. Because this is my first year with a room, I unfortunately don't have many decorations, but I made due with what I have, and i will add to it as the year progresses. A few colleagues were kind enough to give me some posters and boarders which was so sweet. I made some

tissue paper pom-poms

and hung them in the corners of the room. My desk area is my little Zen area. I did some


decorations on my filing cabinet, and I put up some personal pictures to make it homey. I have a little fridge for keeping healthy snacks.

This year will be different because I will not be going to school simultaneously to get my credential. I am also teaching all of the same classes I did last year, so all I need to do is perfect what I did last year. I am also excited because this year I am teaching

3 Mythology classes

when in past years I've taught 2, so I have more of my favorite class this year.

I am hoping to be efficient and on top of things this year. I feel I definitely can now that

I have my own classroom!

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  1. You are so cute. The room is awesome. But, where is your desk that you sit att?

  2. How cute!! What grade do you teach? I bet all the boys are going to be thinking... "Dang, I got a HOT teacher!!" ;)

  3. what an awesome desk. My teachers enver had desks that looked like that


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