Arcade Made

Nathan's sister is in town for a Walk for Breast Cancer, and she brought with her Dylan, her middle son. Tonight Nathan and I took him out to dinner and the arcade. We took him to Gogi House, a Korean grill we enjoy, where you get to cook your food right at your table. Dylan was more interested in cooking the food, than actually eating it. Despite the fact that he didn't eat anything aside from a few mini shrimp from the fried rice, it was fun to see him excited to cook--which is why we took him there. After dinner, we went to Mountasia to play in the arcade. I actually really enjoyed myself. I played the race car game, while Nathan and Dylan played a destroy the zombie by shooting his head off game. After the race car game, I played that game where you try to win a stuffed animal, but the claw is always to weak to actually pick anything up game, yet surprisingly, I won a toy! It was a first and I was genuinely happy. I felt like a giddy kid. It was a Care Bear stuffed animal. Get this, the Care Bear's name was Oopsy appropriate is that? I ended up giving the the Care Bear to Dylan and he was so excited. I then played the basketball game and won a bunch of tickets. I hadn't played in an arcade forever, and it was actually really fun. I think Nathan and I will go back. So if you see us a Mountasia, don't make fun =)

You should click on the collage to enlarge it and see how much Dylan looks like Nathan. He could be his son...Weird!

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  1. i think that should be your new nickname "oopsy bear" :)

    Dylan is a cute kid. Looks like Nathan is a good uncle.


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