Decked out for the Holidays

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nathan and I got our Christmas Tree. We don't mess around. We get in and we get out. We went to Wal Mart and the second tree we looked at was our tree. Since the employee wasn't around to trim the tree and cut the stem, Nathan took it upon himself to cut; he grabbed the clippers and cut away. He even was about to use the saw to trim the trunk, but the guy showed up to help.

Since Serena was in town, she helped decorate the tree. It was fun to have her there for the experience. While we decorated, we Nathan played Christmas music and Serena an I enjoyed a glass of Eggnog. It is a tradition for us to drink Eggnog while decking the halls.

Later that night, we went down to The Grove with Serena, Brandon and his friend Danielle. Before we left, we took pictures next to our newly decorated tree.

Brandon is showing Sarah the tree

At The Grove, we ate in the Farmer's Market, and while Brandon was overwhelmed with all of the choices, Nathan and I got East Coast Deli style sandwiches.

Each holiday season we enjoy going down to The Grove to enjoy the Winter Wonderland; they even make it snow there. It was a fun way to enjoy the holiday season.


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  1. I love decorating the Christmas tree every year. It is one of my very favorite traditions. It looks beautiful!

  2. I have soooo many good memories of our family going out to pick our Christmas tree. Many of our friends have fake trees but our family still buys a fresh tree every year.

  3. You mean you didn't go to at least 3 places before finding your tree? Remember how we use to drive all over looking for the right (and cheapest tree?). I am glad Serena was there the fun (and Brandon). Family is the best!!


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