Gluttonous Goodness

This year the Thanksgiving Day Feast was at Nathan's mother's. I had been looking forward to it for days. Oddly enough, the dish I was looking forward to the most was the green bean casserole. It is SO yummy; it is the one thing for which I went back for seconds (that and the cranberry sauce). Serena came to California from Utah for the Holiday and she has been staying with us, so she joined us for the unconventional festivity that is Nathan's family. Brandon stopped by after his dinner with this friend and partook in the green bean casserole as well. Everything was delicious!!!

I am grateful for my loving husband, my cute doggies, my family, my job, my health and my knowledge of truth.

With my love

I was grateful to have family with me on this day

With glasses (these are my new glasses)

Without glasses

With the in-laws

A family photo

With my baby Sarah

Loving my baby Delilah

Loving both my babies

The bird