Tres Domestique

Nathan and I are always excited for the holidays and we couldn't wait to set up our Christmas Village. Wednesday, Veterans Day, we were able to spend the day together getting lunch and shopping. We went to Michael's to check out the sales on their Christmas Village and we left with two additions to the collection we started last year. We bought a old fashioned movie theater and
a cute little French Bakery. That night we set up up village...or I should say, Nathan set up the village. It is so funny; he so so domestic. I set them up originally as he took them out of the boxes, and then he came in and made some changes, and to be honest, the way he did it looks better. He brought in books and DVD to elevate the houses and add levels and dimension. He placed the cotton snow ever so meticulously. Then he placed the figurines. I recorded him doing it; he didn't know I did. The first video is everything is going good, but in the second video he gets a little frustrated as things aren't working out the way he hoped.

I love how he is so domestic. On Sunday, he made the most delicious roast beef dinner with honestly the best gravy I have ever had; he made it out of the beef drippings. He served it with grilled asparagus, handmade mashed potatoes and french bread. YUM!

Another funny thing is he is the one who looks in the newspaper for the deals at the grocery store and coupons and such...

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  1. that is adorably hilarious. I don't know how you got that without laughing.

  2. what are you watching? And guys becoming domestic happens. It sure has happened to me.

  3. this is so silly cute. he looks like a little boy playing with his toys.

  4. Hahah! I love this! I'm glad you got it and that you shared it! Hilarious!


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