Kute Kid's in Kaps

Here are some pictures of adorable kids wearing some hats I made.

This is Brooke. I made her this soft, pick crochet hat with a multi-color pastel appliqué flower. It matches her girlyness perfectly.

Here is Rylan; my newphew. He is sporting a camouflage helmet style cap with a brim. Notice this hat makes him feel very tough. He becomes a solider when he puts it on.

This is Emrie; my niece. She has on a soft, white beanie with a pretty pink appliqué flower. It will keep her warm in the blustery Ohio winter.

This is a hat a made for a my friend Chloe's baby girl, who will enter this world May 2010. She is sure to look adorable in it!

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  1. These are so cute. I so need to know how I could get a few from you and how much they would be. My baby girl comes in Feb and its going to be so cold here at that time. You are always so talented. Hope you and Nat are enjoying this christmas ...


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