DOG-Gone Cute!

I made these little crocheted collars for the girls last night. I had and epiphany and I was so excited to make them. Delilah is the perfect model in her dusty-blue button collar. It complements her complexion nicely. Sarah has on a dusty-yellow collar that matches her tawny coat. After some thinking, I decided I will not sell these becuase they get easily snagged when the dogs scratch themselves. But they are super easy to make, so I can just make them new ones when they destroy theirs. They are purely fashionable, not function-able.

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  1. D is like "yes i'll sit and look pretty for you while you take pictures of me."

    S is like "what are you doing with that camera, i'm to busy to pose-- i need to look out this window and then move to the other couch."


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