A Rainy Day and A Hat

I have a three day weekend this weekend which is nice. I went back to work this week with an all new schedule, and because of that this week went so slow. This semester I agreed to teach a first period class which starts at 7:10 in the morning everyday; therefore, I spent most the week trying to adjust. Even thought I have to wake up 1 hour earlier, I don't mind because every other day I am off at 12:15. Once my body and mind adjusts to this new schedule, all will work out.

Today is a rainy Sunday, but I like it. A slow day of meditation, relaxation and prayer some what fits this kind of weather. As I relaxed and listened to the rain, I made a new hat. I will probably put it up on my Etsy shop once I perfect the design a little bit more, but it is a cloche hat; therefore, it has a bit of a bell shape and it does not fit as snug as a beanie. I was experimenting with it so I made it with a yarn I've had for a while but wasn't crazy about. It is a rusty red/orange, but I ended up liking the color for this style hat. Plus, I added a flower which is ultra feminine.

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