Take Two...in San Francisco

Nathan and I were lucky enough to go to to San Francisco again.We fell in love with the city when we went the first time, and we were happy to go back. We stayed at the same hotel, and Nathan's friend was gracious enough to give us a great deal again. We loved it just as much as the first time. It weather was much cooler, but we liked getting bundled up. This time we did not do as much sight seeing since we did most of that in September, so we took it easy this time. We spent a lot of time at the pier, we did more shopping this time, and we went to new restaurants. This time, since we weren't rushing around, we were able to look at all the picturesque sights of the city. Some new places we explored were: The Ferry Market Building; The Tonga Room Restaurant; and many of the great shops.

At the Ferry Market we had lunch at an Italian delicatessen deli. I ordered the Joe Special, which is fresh authentic mozzarella, sweet peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and a basil spread, and to top off my Italian meal I had some Lemonata Pellegrino.

While eating our lunch, a 'hobo' came up to Nathan wished him a happy new year and asked to take a picture with him...interesting...Nathan gave him a dollar.

I love riding the cable cars; they are so unique and a great way to get from one side of town to the other as well as a great way to see the city.

We ordered the world famous Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae, but to be honest, it was not as good as it should have seen. I imagined it to be amazing, but it was only so so.

I also saw steam coming out the a manhole in the street, which is something I have only seen in the movies, and I was so excited!

One our second night, Nathan had dinner reservations at a tiki bar called the Tonga Room. Nathan saw it on a TV show, and we had the opportunity to go there. It is interesting, because the restaurant was built on an old swimming pool, so in the center of the restaurant there is a little pool still on which a boat and a band float back and forth, and every so often there is a little tropical rain storm. A very fun environment.

Tired and sleeping at the airport.

There are so many homeless in San Francisco, each with their own ploy to try to get a dime, and this one guys would hide behind a bush and then jump out a scare people. We got a kick out of seeing people scream and jump

This is steam coming out of the manhole; it doesn't just happen in movies

Here is the tropical storm at the Tonga Room

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  1. The Bush Man has been around for years. I remember seeing him as a kid. So glad to see that you guys finally got to see him this trip. :)

  2. You are such a dapper couple in your coats. I love all the sights you saw.


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